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Drone Pod

The first cargo solution for consumer drones.

Carry cargo with no modifications to your drone!

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Drone Pod Is Easy to Use

Send small items.

Drone Pod is designed for small items.  It's simple design allows you to fill the pod container, and screw it back on the cap mount.  Making deployment and delivery a snap!

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Innovative Mount System

The Drone Pod "Flight Strap" System sticks the Deployment Vehicle to the top of your drone.  Compression straps let you secure it while avoiding underbody sensors.

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Secure Design

Drone Pod is 100% Additively Manufactured using strong 95 A shore hardness materials.  Just strap it to your drone, and tighten it to the fuselage using the Flight Strap buckles.

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The Drone Pod Blog

Send small cargo!

Drone Pod is your personal delivery system.

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