Why do I need Drone Pod?

Get a Drone Pod for any time you want to deliver something small for a short distance.  When we thought about all the useful things we could do with Drone Pod, we realized that once you think about it, there are thousands of reasons to use it.  Keep one around just in case!  
Some examples we came up with:
  1. Delivery Service Radius Multiplier - Drive to a central location, and make your small deliveries from up to a mile away.
  2. Critical need water drop- Drop water to those in need in remote locations.
  3. Construction Materials Delivery - Move tools quickly to the top of a construction site.  Drone Pod can do in five trips what one climbing person can do in one.
  4. Resupply At Sea - Drone Pod can deliver a small radio, or needed water and medical supplies.  Ship to Ship with Drone Pod.
  5. Prescription Drug Delivery - Local pharmacies can extend their local reach with Drone Pod.